one of the servers at the restaurant i work at received this as their “tip” today. she came into the break room and began to sob, because servers get paid so little and they are completely dependent upon the tips that they make a living. servers make, usually, 2.35 an hour plus tips. leaving this for someone is cruel and unfair. leaving this for someone doesn’t make them a better person, it makes them unable to pay for their rent. DO NOT TIP YOUR SERVERS WITH ANYTHING LIKE THIS. IT IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL. 

wtf? Why isn’t their boss paying them?!

Depressingly in the US, servers are exempt from Minimum Wage laws so it seems, which allows the to be paid less, as the assumption is that they will be tipped.  This is a horrible system that leaves honest, hard working people at the mercy of others to even survive.

When I was waitressing my boss paid me $4 an hour, and any mistake the cooks made on an order for my table came out of my paycheck. Her favorite waitress kept stealing my tips and my tables so at the end of the day she’d walk away with over $60 in cash while i was lucky if I got $20.

lower wages for servers is bullshit

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    In all my experience serving, a tip directly reflects how you are as a server. Let me tell you, anything less than 20%...
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    So the state fucked servers over and servers want ME to pay? There is misplaced anger here. I am under NO obligation to...
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    Yea okay but this is ONE TIP. I’m sure that waitress had more than one table that night. I work as a waitress and you...
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